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Paul Stimson

Award-Winning Author, Lay Theologian

Cobbs Creek, Virginia

Tel: (804) 725-0707

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The author is a retired engineer. Lacking the standard credentials, he long hesitated to apply that label to himself, but the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution dispelled the doubt by awarding him a staff appointment in 1963. Now he weighs a new self-description: Lay Theologian, also from irregular credentials. Time will tell.

On Earth as in Heaven had its inception in a series of essays I wrote for my parish newsletter in the 1990s.  My father (an Episcopal Priest) once remarked that what people call paradox will probably turn out to be the Laws of the Kingdom of Heaven; this upside-down quality (e. g. first shall be last and last first)  is the overarching theme of the book.  Good feedback, from laity and clergy alike, encouraged me. Soon the series continued in the  Eastern Shore Episcopalian (the monthly newspaper of Maryland's Diocese of Easton); the fact that I was by then the editor of that publication assured acceptance of my manuscripts. A new editor continued to publish the series after I moved on.
In 2007 I saw the makings of a book. I weeded out one or two titles and edited the rest with the help of gifted friends, notably Nina Buzby of Mathews, VA and the Rev'd. R. Channing Johnson, PhD of Glendale AZ, a classmate long decades ago. I had burning curiosity to see what it would look like as a bound book; on about the fifth try I had a copy that looked almost like a commercial product. I have produced more than a hundred copies under the banner of HomePub Press, selling half of these and giving half away.

Four booklets, Governance of the Church, Hendrick's Journey, Reconciliation, and Stronger Than, have been excerpted from On Earth as in Heaven, and bound separately.

 (Order all booklets at above Address)

7 pp; $1.50 + $.50 S&H

6 pp; $1.50 + $.50 S&H

16pp; $1.50 + .50 S&H

8 pp; $1.50 + $.50 S&H

On Earth as in Heaven - 158 pp; $8.00 + $2.00 S&H

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Reflections on Life, Love and Eternity

"On Earth as in Heaven" as seen from Another's point of view

This book is not for you if you believe in a God who makes lots of rules and you feel you can live with these rules pretty well, and look forward to the day all those sinful people out there really get blasted.

If, on the other hand, you’ve been raised with belief in that kind of God and it scares you, read on!

This book has been written by a Christian laymen for ordinary laypersons.  You may be active in Church, you may be seeking, or you may be downright questioning.  That’s OK.  You’ll find this book readable and helpful in thinking through some basic issues of life, love, and eternity.


The Rev’d. R. Channing Johnson, PhD, Glendale, Arizona

Paul Stimson receiving 3rd Prize for a chapter of this book at the 2007 Chesapeake Bay Writers All-Stars Gala.

He also won 2nd prize in 2006 for a piece which later became another Chapter in the book.

And click "Whispering", Stimson's 1st place winning entry in the 2008 All Stars Writing Competition

Other Titles available from HomePub Press:

Poetry 101 was written in response to a friend's questions about the structures of rhyme and meter. Many poets seem to think that the imposing of formal structure is a daunting task and an obstacle to best choice of words; this text suggests, paradoxically, that the opposite is true. You will never know unless you try it both ways, and may the Force be with you.

10 pp; $1.50 + $.50 S&H ;

Order at above Address

A brief “How-to” Book

Paul’s Favorite Limericks was composed entirely from memory, and exposes my warped brain. Sensibilities and sensitivities vary widely, so the collection has been carefully graded, from a simple G Rating to a final few that might gag a maggot. The cover suggests that you can thus predetermine where to stop reading, but bets that you won't. The book includes a few tart poems which, 'though not in limerick form, are just too funny to leave out.

And a challenge: this distillation includes the best of my lifetime learning, but surely I have not heard them all. Submit to me your very best, and if any make the cut (which is not a slam-dunk!), they will be in next edition, and you will get a free copy.

39 pp; $2.50 + $.50 S&H

Order at above Address

Carefully graded, from tame to obscene.

Printing and Binding Your Own Books was a natural outgrowth of the above efforts. I felt a bit conflicted about revealing the fruits of my learning, since I offer small-lot printing and binding as a service, but felt the need to offer it anyway.

10 pp; $1.50 + $.50 S&H

Order at above Address

A brief “How-to” Book

Photography 101 : The modern, point-and-shoot camera is a marvel. It can even detect faces and set its focus and exposure on them. It can make all the decisions. But if you look upscale a bit, you will find a series of cameras that let you take control. The point-and-shoot's good pictures grow into outstanding pictures as you learn to outsmart the camera. This book is your How-to. 80 pp; $4.00 + $1.00 S&H

Order at above Address

A brief “How-to” Book

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